Why Timber Makes a Great Material for Eco-Friendly Australian Homeowners


TimberWith incentives from the local government, the number of Australian consumers who prefer to use eco-friendly materials in their home continues to increase. If you want to reap the same benefits, you can start by using timber.

Timber is one of the most eco-friendly materials that homeowners use for different makeover projects. Boardwalk, a provider of shutters, gates and screens in Australia, shares some of the features that make timber a practical addition to home:

1. Renewable and Sustainable

For thousands of years, people have been using timber in different types of applications due to its renewable and sustainable properties. As long as manufacturers replace the harvested mature trees with new ones, this material will remain as a favourite of environmentally cautious consumers.

2. No Need to Worry about Toxicity

Timber is a common material for lightweight framing. While there are many different construction materials available, only a few are natural – with timber being one of them. This material is non-toxic, does not emit any hazardous chemicals into the air and can be safely touched and handled.

3. Impressive Insulation Properties

If you want to reduce your energy consumption during the winter and summer, timber is a great material choice. One example is by installing internal timber shutters. The wooden slats offer insulation during the cold months and help in trapping air inside your home during the hot summer months.

4. Enhanced Aesthetics

Whether you use timber shutters or doors, there’s no denying the beauty of this material. You can even match the style and design with your home theme, creating the perfect finish for your property. This is the best choice if you want a cosy, country-style look for your home design.

These are just some of the benefits of using timber. If you want to give back to the environment and make your home beautiful, this material won’t let you down.