Why Look for a Valid License When Hiring an HVAC Technician?

HVAC Furnace Repair

Leaving HVAC projects to professionals is wise. Whipple Service Champions knows this. Considering the dangers of DIY-ing them (outside doing basic cleaning), any reasonable individual would conclude that that skimping on labor is impractical and unsafe.

However, this doesn’t mean you should work with any technician. If you live in a state with HVAC licensing requirements, you ought to hire a licensed technician at all costs.

Here’s why you’d only entrust your local air conditioner repair in Salt Lake City or furnace installation in Tulsa to a fully licensed professional:


A valid license is perhaps the most reliable evidence of HVAC competency. After all, the government is a tough critic of AC and furnace professionals. Without strong credentials such as this, it’s more difficult to tell whether your prospective technician is truly adept at your equipment.


In some cases, permits are necessary before you can begin your HVAC project. This way, the authorities can make sure that your electrical or plumbing system meets the latest building codes.

And since your technician has to pull the permit to be answerable to the inspector, an unlicensed professional is less reluctant to do it. Actually, a disreputable technician might even compel you not to obtain the necessary permits or convince you to apply for them yourself.


Unlicensed HVAC professionals have less incentive to play by the rules. Their sole interest is to make the most money from you even if it means ripping you off one way or another. On the other hand, licensed technicians have everything to lose.

The State

If your state has a dispute resolution program, you can take advantage of it when your HVAC professional performs unsatisfactory work.

The government is a powerful friend to iron out any misunderstandings with your technician. But when you hire an unlicensed pro, you’d have to fight your battle alone.

Looking for proof of a valid license right from the star matters to vet your HVAC technicians properly. Be it for a simple repair or major installation project, you have to take every precaution to screen your candidates properly for your own good.