Why Fabric Structures Best Protect Shipping Containers

Shipping containers being loaded on trucks
Whether you intend to use those shipping containers to deliver goods or build homes and offices, one thing is sure: you still need to protect them from harmful elements. But the question is, what’s the best form of maintenance?

1. Fabric Structure

A more sensible way to protect your shipping containers is to build a fabric structure or a storage shelter. Not only is it easy to set up, but it is also more cost-effective. You can customise the dimensions according to your need and available space. You can also transfer it conveniently to another location. Moreover, it is energy efficient since it absorbs less heat and promotes better air circulation.

2. Rust Removal

Corrosion is one of its biggest enemies of steel shipping containers are made of steel– and it can be costly. In a 2009 research by Curtin University of Technology, it cost the country no less than $30 billion or $1,500 per person per year.
The same research team, however, suggested a good part of this cost can be avoidable beginning with rust education. A professional can also remove any buildup of rust, but that can cost you thousands of dollars. You may also have to spend extra on new parts. You can buy rust removal systems that use lasers, although they can set you back to as much as $50,000.

3. Repainting

Another way to maintain shipping containers is to repaint them. This is a good method if the foundation is still strong or the problem is more of cosmetic wear and tear. It’s hard to get an average cost for repainting, although auto painting costs can range from $300 to as much as $20,000.
Shipping containers are not cheap, and their lack of maintenance or protection could mean more costs for you. Consider various options to make them more long-lasting, especially fabric structures.