When Unconventional Home Designs Mix with Stunning Locations

House Design

House DesignMany people choose sustainable homes because of its many advantages. Apart from its cost-effective benefits, alternative housing lets property owners have the unique home design that suit their style.

Some properties may have an unconventional design or setup, but their alluring location makes them a head-turner. Even the sustainable housing designers of Grandesigns WA give tribute to these properties:

Isolated House on a Rock

A property called “Gljiva” gives people the isolation they need. Built in 1968, this single-room property serves as a retreat home right at the centre of Drina River in Serbia. As the property stands on a rock, the water from the river does not reach it when the current is high. Even after 40 years, the property still lets visitors enjoy the picturesque view of the river and its surroundings.

The Bubble Estate

This avant-garde property of the famed designer Pierre Cardin goes beyond the traditional grid or architectural design elements. This estate features prominent spherical shapes around its entrances, living spaces, and pool areas—even the furnishings exhibit the same spherical designs.

This house is reminiscent of the futuristic properties as portrayed in sci-fi films. Its windows also have dome-shaped glass covers instead of the traditional flat windows you find in properties. Apart from its unique design, the house also displays the lovely view of Cote d’Azur landscape and the Mediterranean Sea.

Upside-Down House

There are many versions of upside-down houses across the globe like the ones in Germany, Poland and China. The upside-down house in Canada offers the perfect tourist attraction  the Niagara Falls. Just like the other properties, this house comes with an amazing interior design that gives an illusion of walking on the ceiling instead of on the floor. Visitors can take photos of this illusion, while enjoying the picturesque view of the falls.

The combined unique architectural design and stunning locations made these properties more than just a favourite. Use these concepts as inspiration in building your dream home. After all, a little creativity goes a long way.