What Roofing Tile Material is Best for Your Home?

slate roofing

slate roofingWhen constructing a house, deciding on the roof design requires a great deal of thought. As a homeowner, you would want a roof that will last long and give your home a unique aesthetic appeal. This should also be sturdy, so it can withstand the heat, cold and rain. Moreover, this must complement the overall design of your home.

Before you go overboard with your roof design, you need to consider certain factors – the price of each shingle, the material of the roof and the overall installation costs.

BowerRoofing.com.au provides the following guide for your roof installations:

You may not have any idea about the type of roofing materials that you can get for your Perth home. One of the most traditional, colourful and heat resistant roofing materials are tiles. You have two options for this material: slate and clay tiles.

To help you out in your choice, here are a few things to know about tiled roofs:

1. Slate

Slate roofing is one of the highest quality roofing materials available. Many roof contractors recommend this material because of its fire resistance qualities and durability. Industry authorities even say that a slate roof can maintain its quality for up to 150 years, as long as it undergoes proper maintenance regularly.

2. Clay

Clay tile roofs are quite similar to slate when it comes to design, but the tiles are often made from sand or concrete. The tiles provide long-term durability, making clay roof a practical option against Australia’s extreme weather conditions. According to experts, clay tile roofs can last for five decades or more.

Tiles offer a unique appeal that you won’t get from metal, wood or asphalt shingles. These make the best choice for a traditional look, highlighting the beauty of your country-style home. Talk to your local roofing contractor if you want to explore your roof tile options—you would be surprised at the great choices that you can get.