What Makes the Ziptrak Track-guided Blind System Special

Ziptrak blinds

Ziptrak blindsDealing with conventional blinds can take a lot of time and effort. But, the track-guided system for blinds developed by Ziptrak takes out all the guesswork and effort, providing you with superior protection against the sun’s harsh UV lights, wind, and rain. This will also enhance the overall look and ambience of your personal or business space.

Ziptrak Blinds Features

Apart from being very user friendly, blinds from Ziptrak Perth residents highly recommend also boast of the following features:

  • Ziptrak blinds can be easily stopped and held in various positions without having to lock them. The handle utilised for unlocking the blinds may be positioned off-centre on the blinds’ lower bar, allowing you to operate the blinds even in more complicated positions. You can also simply lift the handle for releasing latches on the blinds’ lower bar.
  • The Ziptrak blinds system can also be motorised. In addition, the motorisation feature can incorporate the environmentally friendly and simple automation system called SolarSmart, which is widely considered to be the most sophisticated, eco-friendly blinds automation system in Australia entirely powered by solar energy. This system does not use hard wiring and runs completely independent of your primary power source. Furthermore, you can also go for remote operation for additional flexibility.
  • All Ziptrak blind systems make use of superior quality materials and fabrics that are specifically made to weather wear and tear in an outdoor setting. You can choose from clear PVC, various shade materials, and a broad range of flat and taut fabrics perfect for outdoor signages among many others. Ziptrak blinds are specially-developed to withstand scorching temperatures, high and strong winds, freezing temperatures, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • Ziptrak systems also help in lowering your energy costs by maintaining warm temperatures during winter months and keeping it cool during summer.

Every component used for manufacturing all Ziptrak automated blind systems are meticulously sourced, developed, and constructed in-house to make sure you get the most superior quality product for your residential or business requirements.