Vail Continues to Reign Supreme

Ski Vacation

Ski Vacation in VailSki vacations sound fantastic, but even at the best of times, they cost much. Most people save up all year to spend a precious week on a ski vacation.

Going to Vail in Colorado is a bit more expensive than heading to other destinations. Experts say Vail ski prices are among the highest in the U.S. A single-day ski lift ticket is as much as $100 for adults, and in some companies that doesn’t include equipment rental, accommodations, food, and transportation. Ski lift and resort prices have been going up sharply since 2005, and will probably continue to do so as the area continues to attract thousands of visitors. Some popular resorts offer online discounts that make the Vail ski package prices easier to manage, however. 

King of American ski resorts

Vail has been one of the most popular ski destinations in the U.S. for more than 30 years. It was the first to offer snowboarding, and Vail resorts offer many attractions for all types of vacationers. It used to be the “largest single mountain ski resort” in North America, literally, although with the merger of other major resorts, this is no longer true. It doesn’t seem to matter, however, as many people continue to favor Vail resorts over others.


There are many resorts to choose from at Vail. Each one provides access to more than 200 different trails spread over more than 5,289 acres of powder snow. Visitors can get to any one of them by using 30 fast and well-maintained lifts. Aside from skiing, Vail has many restaurants, shops, and spas. Some people think the place resembles a Disneyland for skiers, as the surrounding town caters specifically to tourists. Most vacationers appreciate the convenience.


The only problem with Vail is the lack of terrain. Advanced skiers find the gentle slopes and powder skiing boring. However, these features make it favorable for most vacationers. Vail is a bit on the isolated side as well. It’s 45 minutes from the Eagle-Vail airport, and almost two hours from the Denver International Airport.

Vail is not the cheapest or the most convenient ski resort available. The overall experience, however, is worth the cost and trouble for the average skier out to have a great time.