Using Steel Tubing When Switching to Solar Panels

Solar panel on a house roof

Solar panels and solar water heaters are booming these days. They usually install them on the roofs of buildings and residences. There are several reasons why solar energy and solar water heater sales are rising, mainly because of the cost of acquisition.

The initial costs are now much lower now, and that makes it economically feasible to have your own.

External Factors in Going Solar

According to experts, there are some considerations before installing a solar powered system of your own. First off, in some states, there is a monopolistic control on electricity and regulators would penalize you when you install a solar panel.

These same monopoly rules have lowered the cost of buy back power when you generate more energy than you consume. The electric companies try to make it more expensive to have a separate source of energy.

Also, due to the nature of the roof, the solar panels would be fixed, and you would be buying steel tubing in addition to the base setup. This is especially true for solar water heaters.

Sourcing Steel Tubing

Finding steel tubing is easy. These are available in hardware chains, large stores, and even from vendors online. Unlike pipes, steel tubing comes in many sizes and for many uses. For some applications, you can use ordinary ones. For others, it is necessary to have stainless steel tubing.

Some Steel Tubing Uses

People use steel tubing for support, but it finds use for various ornamental purposes. You can see this in homes and buildings used as steel railings and as balustrades. Suppliers can manufacture steel according to your requirements and specifications. Or it can be bought as is and bent on site.

Steel is widely used in construction and housing, as well as for industrial and mechanical applications. The next time you need durability and strength, consider steel tubing.