Using Less Resources for Eco-friendly Lawn Maintenance

sprinkler on a lawn

Helping keep the local community clean and green should always be in everybody’s mind. This is true for industrial landscaping services in Frederick because they make it a point to be eco-friendly in lawn care and maintenance. Caring for lawns is also a science, and it follows trends and adopts relevant technologies. Choosing the right technology can make lawns easier to maintain. Lawn maintenance should not be expensive and must not harm the environment.

Low Water Requirements

Water use can be lessened using various methods. These can include the use of whole yard sprinkler systems, which use drip irrigation or a soaker hose. Rainwater collection allows for irrigation without an increased water bill. The use of other plants instead of grass can help with the lawn upkeep. Crawlers can be planted. At the same time, low groundcover plants, like lavender and thyme, don’t need any maintenance.

Mulching is another way to conserve water. Leaving the mowed cuttings on the lawn covers the grass and the soil. This lessens water evaporation from the earth. The cut grass also decays in place and becomes fertilizer for the grass.

Old-school Equipment

With increasing concerns about energy use, old equipment is coming out of the shed. These include push-reel lawnmowers, which are run without an engine. These old devices don’t need any electricity or fuel. Also, they provide vigorous exercise. Electric-powered lawn mowers have been introduced to the market. These can have as much impact on the environment as electric cars. Lawn mowers don’t need to have large motors, and a fully charged electric lawn mower can run for 90 minutes without any problem.

Lawn maintenance can be a drain on resources. However, with proper planning, it is possible to conserve water, electricity, and fuel. Working with the right landscaping service provider can help you achieve a great-looking lawn without using too much water or energy.