Understanding Insulated Concrete Forms

House being constructed with insulated concrete forms

Concrete in construction outperforms other materials regarding durability, cost efficiency and environmental sustainability. Insulated concrete forms are one of the more preferred innovations in the concrete construction industry.

Insulated concrete forms combine the insulating properties of expanded polystyrene with the strength of steel reinforced concrete. Builders insert the concrete between two covers of insulating material to provide thermal and sound insulation in addition to strength for your construction.

ICF Systems

ICF systems have different designs. “Flat” systems produce a wall with equal concrete thickness; while “grid” systems produce waffle pattern walls where some parts of the wall have thicker concrete than others.

“Beam and post” systems have discrete vertical and horizontal concrete columns wholly compressed in foam insulation. Regardless of these differences, engineers design all systems following specific accepted codes.

Installation of Insulated Concrete Forms

The ICF blocks are stacked to your walls’ heights and then reinforced using steel bar. Builders then fill them with concrete, as they attach stucco, rock or brick to the exterior. On the interior electrical and plumbing runs through the foam.

Plaster, stucco or drywall attaches on the inside of the wall and is then finished with your chosen to finish.

Advantages of ICF

ICF structures offer 30%-70% energy consumption savings and are hurricane, tornado and earthquake resistant because of their famed strength. With its sound transmission class {STC} rating of more than 50, they keep noise to a minimum.

Flat wall ICF systems withstand high temperatures and can achieve up until a 4-hour fire score. Your structure might resemble other structures, but it ultimately performs 100% better than others.

You will be surprised to find out that the cost of Insulated concrete forms from building materials suppliers is quite affordable even with the numerous benefits. The lifespan of your structure goes into over a hundred years compared to about 80 years with traditional construction materials.

Make your dream of being a builder a reality with Insulated concrete forms today.