Top Four Benefits of Using Composite Strapping

Composite Strapping Composite strapping came about as a result of the challenges posed by steel strapping. Steel, in all its forms, is a strong strapping material that is useful across heavy-duty applications, such as securing shipping containers and in construction sites.

However, steel strapping has major downsides. Unlike other strapping materials, such as composite polyester and polypropylene strapping, steel does not have very good elongation, which means it will not go back to its original shape when it has been stretched to a certain point and will eventually be prone to breaking.

To address this, manufacturers have developed composite strapping, which is made of industrial-grade polyester fibres embedded within a polymer coating, resulting in a stiff, durable, but flexible strapping material that can be used as a substitute for steel.

It Is Soft and Lightweight

Unlike steel, composite strapping is softer and weighs much lighter. It is also a non-abrasive material that you can use to secure cargo containing sensitive material without worrying about damaging the contents.

It Is as Strong as Steel

Despite weighing less than steel, X-Pak says composite strapping actually has enough strength to become a steel alternative for heavy-duty applications. And unlike steel, composite polyester does not corrode at all, so you can use it without fear of it snapping.

It Is Weather-resistant

Again unlike steel, composite polyester does not change its size or shape when exposed to inclement weather conditions. This means you can use this material for securing cargo that you expect will be exposed to heavy rains or high temperatures.

It Is Safe to Use

Steel strapping was not so popular to begin with because its edges are very thin and sharp, which can cut into workers’ hands if they are not careful in handling it. Because composite strapping is made of plastic, there is no need to worry about injuring workers at all.

Advances in manufacturing technology have made these possible. If you are looking for a good substitute to steel strapping, composite strapping may be what you are looking for.