Tips on How to Help Your Child Make Friends in Day Care

A Child at Daycare

Is your child attending a daycare in Phoenix? If your kid is still having trouble transitioning to daycare, learning expert suggests making a friend or two can help.

Here are some ways on how you can encourage your child to make new friends so that daycare can be more fun for the whole family.

Make friends with other parents in daycare

Set a good example and befriend other parents in daycare. After all, you are all in this together. It could also be a way to introduce your kid to their kind. This way, you can also set up play dates outside of daycare and who knows, you can end up as friends.

This is an especially helpful advice if you have a shy kid.

Let kids settle conflicts on their own

Sometimes, when you see your child having a difficult time – but not necessary stressful – time in daycare, as when another kid grabs a toy they left for a while, it is easy to overreact and zoom into their rescue.

It is easy to morph into a tiger parent if you see your kid having some difficulties but allowing kids to fix things on their own, even small fights can help them even more. Try not to interfere with play or social situations in daycare. You might end up ruining budding friendships if you do.

Ask your kids about their new friends

Talking to your children about their time in daycare can be a good bonding moment towards the end of the day. Apart from just asking them what they did and what games they played with their teachers, ask them about their new friends.

This can help you navigate your kid’s social life and help them assess social situations.

Making Friends

Remember, making friends, even among adults, can be hard. So give your child some time to open up and make friends on his own. However, he can also benefit from some of the tips mentioned above. Go on, try it.