Things to Remember when Installing an Aluminium Fence

aluminium fence

aluminium fenceThe Australian government recognises the importance of fencing systems. In fact, they encourage farmers to build fences and even offers generous tax deductions for it. Farmers have been putting off fence installation because it can be costly—and troublesome.

Installing aluminium fencing will only be troublesome if you disregard the basic considerations before and during installation. Set up your aluminium fence easily by remembering the things that matter.

Materials are Never Immaterial

Direct Trades Supply recommends aluminium fence for farms, mining sites, ranches and commercial properties. Be wise in making a purchase, though.

Pay attention to quality when it comes to materials. Go for a spiked-top or flat-topped panel that comes in a wide range of attractive designs. When buying post caps, choose the shape according to your fence style.

Order line posts, end posts and corner posts that are pre-drilled for their particular purposes. Your gate and other corresponding hardware must be type-fitted with the other materials in your list.

Fence Layouting Made Easy

In planning your fence layout, use precise measurements. From start to end, corner and gate areas included, make your fence line accurate. Also, the line post rows must be well-defined.

Do this by attaching a string in the middle of post sites along the corners. Your stakes must be in direct contact with the layout string to guarantee that the line posts are in order.

Coping with Slopes

Note the slope measurement. For slopes greater than 12 inches over a 6-foot run of fence, use the stair-stepped fence panels to suit the landscape. Say goodbye to your line posts because you will only need end posts for this panel type.

For slopes less than 12 inches, choose slanted or raked panels. Use this if you want uniform space beneath the fence. Experts recommend this if you are trying to keep your dog inside.

The fencing system protects your property and your family. Make sure to install the aluminium fence properly to take full advantage of the security it offers.