The Science-Backed Reason Your Skin Looks Amazing in the Morning

Happy woman touching her cheeks

Ever noticed that your skin looks clearer and more glowing in the morning when you wake up? You’re not alone. Some women credit it to restful sleep. Others think it’s just their foggy, sleepy brain playing with what they see in the mirror. The truth of the matter is that clear and glowing skin is real. Your brain isn’t playing with you. And it’s not just because of the beauty rest because wrinkles don’t just disappear overnight.

The Morning Glow

The reason you have more radiant skin after sleep lies in two things: dermal fluid and gravity. The dermis, which is the inner layer of the skin, is composed of cells that are surrounded by interstitial fluid. As the dermal fluid sits outside the cells, it moves in the direction of gravity.

During the day, when you’re usually standing or sitting, the dermal fluid moves downward to the legs. But when you lie down at night for sleep, the dermal fluid gets evenly distributed. Some might experience swelling in the facial skin. This additional fluid, in a way, wipes off wrinkles and fine lines and therefore result in radiant skin. But then again, as you go through the day, the skin blemishes start making themselves more visible.

An Ever-Glowing Skin

As much as you love beauty rest, it’s not possible to just sleep all day for the sake of glowing skin. You should adopt a healthy skin care routine to keep that radiant, youthful skin. That routine should start with what you put on your face. Aside from using the essentials — sunscreen, moisturizer, and cleansers — try caviar skin care products. According to experts, caviar helps speed up the skin’s rejuvenation process and collagen production. Plus, its proteins and minerals prevent sun damage.

Your skin care routine should also focus on what you eat. Eat food rich in Vitamin C, like papaya, blueberries, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Of course, what you drink matters as well — or more precisely, how much ink. You should be able to get seven to nine glasses a day. You may also try coconut water, as this is also a good source of Vitamin C.

The glow on your skin in the morning is real. Sadly, you can’t take a beauty rest all day to keep the radiance. Fortunately, with the right products to use and food to eat, you can enjoy an ever-glowing skin.