The Role of Loved Ones in Drug Addiction Recovery

Rehab sign

Overcoming a drug problem is no easy feat, and many people in the recovery phase need all the help they can get – especially from their loved ones. Although change is a personal decision that must come wholly from the patient, the process is not one they can go through alone. 

Getting drug addiction treatment in Salt Lake City is their first step to recovery, but it is the first of many more difficult steps. Your role, according to Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, is to help them stay away from addictive substances. Below are some ways you can help.

Accept the person without any judgment

A recovering addict needs understanding and patience, not ridicule and criticism from their loved ones. If you want someone to overcome his addiction, the best thing you can do is to stay positive about it. As much as possible, praise every improvement you see and don’t dwell on mistakes.

Create an environment that encourages sobriety

Of course, keeping the environment free from temptation and triggers is crucial. Remove any drug paraphernalia in the house and encourage the person to keep his or her distance from places and people that may encourage him or her to relapse.


This is perhaps the most important task you have as a support system. Actively listening will allow you to understand what your loved one is going through, and you can find clues for possible relapse tendencies while you’re at it.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Replace drug-seeking habits with some new hobbies. According to studies, doing so is very helpful on the road to recovery. Stimulate old interests like music, arts, games or sports. This way, he can keep his mind off cravings.

The things you say and do around someone recovering from addiction can quickly become his motivation to either relapse or succeed, so don’t do anything brash. Your role is just as important as any specialists, after all.