The Haunts are Alive this Charleston Halloween

Tombstones in field

There’s no better place for a haunting than Charleston. The oldest city in South Carolina is rich in history — that could be tragic, mysterious, and frightening for the weak. Halloween is coming and the spirits are becoming restless once again.

Ghosts of the Past

A haunted tour of Charleston will not be complete without revisiting the city’s past. Sandlapper Water Tours noted that you could get a glimpse of civil war as you walk through sites where blood was drawn and soldiers fell.

Hear the sound of marching or the dying wails of a young soldier as you walk through old buildings, forts, and graveyards. The dark souls of murderers thirst for blood while the lost souls of civil war prisoners search for their loved ones in the Old Jail. Feelings of sorrow, hopelessness, and dread will make your haunted tour of the past a thing to remember.

By Land and Sea

A haunted tour of Charleston won’t always be on dry land. Hearken to the days of pirates terrorizing the seas and murdering their way to riches before they met their watery grave. Hear spooky stories as you travel the same seas once traveled by villains and their victims. The brine and wind will make naval battles come to life, as order and chaos battle for survival and dominance. Sites of pirate attacks on innocent ships will have you hearing the wails of the doomed and the evil laughter of their killers.

Bring the Young Ones

Children as young as four can participate in these haunted tours. Away from the haunts, Charleston still has enough frights for Halloween. There are haunted hayrides, mazes, scary crafts, zombies, and a lot more activities to keep your children entertained.

Charleston is known for ghosts and spirits. Take a walk in the past and see a glimpse of past horrors and despair that reverberate through time and still make their presence felt.