The Growing Cold Chain: The Logistics of Perishable Goods

Logistics of Perishable Goods

Logistics of Perishable GoodsPerishable goods are arguably the most demanding of products within the realm of the transportation and delivery system. The logistics involved can be an absolute nightmare as you are not only scrambling for time; you also have the temperature of the products as well as food safety concerns to worry about.

Presently, the cold chain is growing even longer as the definition of ‘perishable goods’ extends to more than just regular food stuffs, and more measures are being placed. Addressing the potential issues head on means thinking smart and thinking ahead.

Temperature Controlled Trucking

The transportation industry has actually come a long way from its primitive roots. Whereas transport back then was done via rail and involved rudimentary cooling methods, it’s now typically done through trucking and involves mechanized methods of cooling the temperature. West Coast Carriers adds that this, too, is evolving as temperature controlled solutions are no longer standardized within the industry.

The increasing regulations, as well as demand within the cold chain means that nowadays, specialized solutions are now necessary to handle the differing goods that need transporting. Perishable goods, after all, are no longer strictly foodstuffs; they can also be vaccines and medicines, and these require more specialized transportation methods and solutions as the regulations are very strict and the risks involved in moving them around are inherently very high.

Cold Chain is Going Global

The shifting focus on quality, as well as the increasing trend of healthier food, is further confounded by the fact that the cold chain is going global. While this is not necessarily bad, perishable goods now how to travel considerably longer distances just to get to the markets. This is something that would have been nearly impossible to do decades ago.

This is why within the realm of the transportation industry, more innovation is necessary to make sure that goods are shipped fast without compromising the quality of the products. Presently, the trucking business has gone beyond rudimentary cooling methods and has advanced to more specialized climate control.

As the demand continues to increase, these industries need to continue moving forward to keep up with the ever increasing standards and regulations. The cold chain, after all, continues to grow longer with each passing year and there’s no indication that it’ll stop anytime soon.