Survival: How to Prepare for the Unknown

Gold Bullion CoinsWhilst it is possible to predict that something will happen in the future that might put your safety at risk, it is usually not possible to predict exactly when that might happen.

For example, volcanologists may be able to tell if a volcano is getting ready to erupt based on seismic activity and sulphuric emissions. But they can only estimate the date or time of the eruption. They can only estimate the magnitude, as well. Take Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines, for instance. Because the mountain is so little, who would have predicted that it would have an eruption several times larger than Mt. St. Helens in the United States?

There is not telling when exactly a natural phenomenon like this could happen, and how much danger it might bring. It is for this reason that people should take readiness seriously. Here are some ideas.

Train Your Body for Survival

This does not exactly mean training like a soldier; it just means keeping your body healthy and strong with exercise. Build your muscles a little and lengthen your stamina. Avoid greasy, fatty food that will work against you. Avoid smoking and indulging in alcohol or worse, drugs. If a disaster happens, your strength and endurance might save you and others.

Keep a Survival Pack

A lightweight, weatherproof knapsack is the best choice. Buy some survival food, the kind they keep in shelters, which is lighter than canned food. Put it in your pack along with a camping stove, several lighters or a flint, a map of your area, flashlights and spare batteries, a poncho, a lightweight tent and a space blanket. A strong knife is important for survival, so save up to buy a good brand — be forewarned, the best ones are not cheap. A backup Swiss Army Knife and a multi-tool are also crucial. Add some bottled water and some clothes and socks in your pack too. Wrap them in plastic to keep them extra dry. Keep some cash in your pack too. Atkinsons Buillion suggests you some gold bullion coins in the UK. Whatever happens, they will have value almost anywhere.

Know Where to Go

Know where the storm shelters are in your area. Find out where you should go in case something happens. Higher areas are usually a good idea. Knowing these areas is also very important if you get separated from your family, so tell them where you should all meet just in case.

Preparation is the key to survival. Aside from the tips above, it also makes sense to go camping now and then and learn how to live off the land. This knowledge might just be the thing that saves your life.