Stainless Steel Nosings for Staircase Safety


A recent study showed that staircase accidents have become common. Such accidents lead to broken limbs and loss of lives. It is now a requirement for property owners and developers to enhance the safety of stairs—structures that should improve the functionality of a building without causing accidents.

One of the ways you can do this is by using stainless steel nosing for stairs on the edge of the risers.

The nosings come in different colours, shapes and styles to serve various decorative purposes. These edges are likewise effective at minimising the number of stair accidents. But why metal nosings? Read on to find out.

The Advantages

Metal nosings add elegance to stairs without the need for a significant renovation project, making them a cost-effective addition to a property. The edges stay in place using anchors and screws. Therefore, it is easy to install and uninstall the nosings. They are also cheap, readily available and require less labour for the installation process.

Both outdoor and indoor stairs experience much traffic and are prone to wear and tear. Since steel is durable, the nosings will last long before they require replacing.

Types of Nosings

The common types of metal nosing include:

Inset Nosing – This is a strip that lies between metal strips. The exposed part of the nosing is unbroken. The nosing offers a firm grip and requires a one-time installation.

Ribbed Bar Nosing – The metal bars hold in place the material that offers the grip. The metal and the grip material in the nosing alternate to give an illusion of ribbed nosing.

Renovation Nosings – These are most appropriate for renovating staircase edges without altering the existing stairway. The installation process involves drilling the nosing into place or using an adhesive.

Besides adding beauty to a staircase, nosings are essential to maintaining safety in a building. The nosings are available in different materials, but stainless steel is the most appropriate to use, considering its beauty, durability and functionality.