Skiing & Snowboarding 101: Ensuring Safety by Using Appropriate Designs

Man snowboarding
Not many people spend their whole vacation skiing or snowboarding, but if these sports are your primary source of livelihood, then the better the gear, the safer the experience.

There are different ski and snowboard equipment in the market today. The good news is many Vail ski shops offer these kits and equipment at varying prices to meet your specific demands for quality. It’s important, however, to use the right design of board for the type of snowboarding you are engaging in — freestyle, free ride, or alpine.

Here is a closer look at the different kind boards you will need:

Freestyle snowboards

As the name suggests, you need lots of agility to ride on freestyle boards. Therefore, it is advisable you use this kind of board on less steep mountain slopes and around half-pipes. You can use these freestyle boards on groomed snow parks, but that is if you are an experienced snowboarder.

Boards for freeriding

Freeride boards are more versatile than freestyle boards, and preference in big mountain snowboarding. To manage the quick turns in extreme freeriding, you will need to use a relatively soft and flexible board with curled up ends — features that come with free ride boards. As these boards are also easy to ride on, they are suitable for training beginners in snowboarding.

How about boards for alpine snowboarding?

Fast downhill rides are common in alpine snowboarding. You will need boards longer and narrower than freestyle and freeride boards to maneuver the tight turns when switching between slopes quickly. A carving board also makes for a good option in case you want to switch from skiing to snowboarding.

In any service industry, you can never overemphasize the importance of and the efficiency that comes with using quality equipment. The same applies to skiing and snowboarding. Irrespective of the number of times you ski or snowboard in a year, ensure you use the appropriate gear to better you skills and enjoy a safe experience.