Simplicity is Beauty: 3 Steps to Creating a Stunning Minimalist Yard

A yard

Minimalism has become the go-to aesthetics for homes these days. Clean, crisp, and clutter-free, the design simply enhances the visual appeal of the space. Going minimalist in yards and gardens can be a bit tricky though. Aiming for simplicity, some designs fall flat, dull, and boring.

If you’re planning to go minimalist, but hesitating because it might look too simple, take inspiration from these tips to pull off a stunning minimalist look:

1. Choose the Right Dividers

Like any other design effort in your outdoor space, you should start with dividing the space and setting limits for particular areas. The difference here though is you’re applying the principle of restriction, as you’re going for a minimalist look. That means your walls, fences, and other dividers should be in their simplest form, whether that be in color or design.

So, for instance, choose metal privacy fence panels around the perimeter of the outdoor space. Their black color and simple aesthetics can very well fit into the minimalist design. Add a limestone wall for a discreet touch of texture in the space.

2. Repeat the Design Elements

This will give your outdoor space a clean look, which contributes to the simplicity of the minimalist design you’re going for. Also, this creates harmony, as it ties all the design elements together.

So when you pick those metal privacy fences, stick to that black color scheme for your choice of furniture, like in lounge chairs and wicker tables. But break the monotonous scheme by adding visual variety in little details, like throwing some splash of color in your hammock and cushions.

3. Go Easy on the Plants

Fill your space with lots of plants, but limit the species to not more than three. You may choose based on the color or shapes of the plants, sticking to elements that are closely the same, with probably one element adding a pop of color or texture. This will not just easily pull off the minimalist look, but also make maintenance easier.

Minimalist design is simple, but it doesn’t have to be dull. Pull off this design in your outdoor space with these tips.