Shield Your Pets From Fleas

Flea Infestation Protection in South DunedinInteracting with pets, alone, is a good therapy that helps decrease stress in humans, studies say. Sharing a life with pets, especially dogs or cats, further increases the enjoyment of the family and enhances their mood. Thus, if you have dogs or cats at home, proper care is imperative to maintain their good health and wellbeing, as well as yours.

The Threat Of Fleas

One of the worst enemies of pets is the flea. Fleas are the most common external parasites that are found hiding beneath your pet’s fur. Pest control company Pure Services Ltd says fleas can spread bacteria among pets, causing them to contract diseases, which are potentially life-threatening if the infection worsens.

Dogs and cats can catch the fleas from outdoor exposure. When other animals drop flea eggs, it could hatch into a larvae and eventually turn into an adult flea. This is the time when the parasite may find your pet and jump onto it to have a snack. Just because you don’t see the fleas does not mean your pet does not have them. You will be able to tell if your pet has fleas because it repeatedly scratches and chews.

If your pet has a flea infestation, this will cause skin irritation and patches of red, which could lead to skin allergies. The parasite may also transfer tapeworms and viruses to both pets and humans. The allergic reaction may cause substantial blood loss to the animals.

Pet Protection

Research shows that vacuuming your home can kill 96% of adult fleas and 100% of young ones. Frequent vacuuming may be the best solution to get rid of fleas and to stop them from reproducing.

Do not allow your pets to stay in shady and protected areas outdoors. These are the places where fleas usually develop. Spraying pesticides in indoor and outdoor areas of the home will also help to eliminate fleas in your surroundings and arrest its life cycle.

Observe cleanliness in your home. Keep an eye out for fabrics that may host fleas, especially within areas where your pets usually stay. Most cases of flea infestation in animals can be treated immediately with the help of a veterinarian.

As your pets serve as your stress reliever, you should make sure that they are getting proper care and treatment to keep them in good health and physical condition. Their wellbeing will be an advantage for you.