Setting Boundaries: Choosing the Right Farm Fence

farm fence

farm fenceLabourers in the farming industry rarely get a hold of enough financial sources. This limits them to enhance the safety and security of their ranches, which is important given the size of these lands. So, before buying fences, it’s necessary for farmers to determine the best option to avoid wasting huge amount of money.

Wood or Lumber Fences

There are numerous rural fencing supplies Perth farmers can choose from that may suit their specific needs. If you’re the traditional type of farmer, you may go for wood fences. But, unlike the wood type people use before, the ones available nowadays are much softer and need frequent maintenance.

Barbed Wire Fences

Large lumbers can deter animals from crossing over; however, it’s not the same for trespassers. In this situation, you should install barbed wire fences. This is only ideal for plant farmers because animals get injured when caught on the barbs. Also, check with your local council if it’s legal to install barbed wires.

Woven Wire Fences

For poultry farmers, woven wire fences can be practical. As chickens are difficult to contain, using this type of fence for their coop prevents them from escaping easily. This may also work on pigs, sheep and goats. Woven wires, however, don’t work in northern regions because they can’t take the weight of the snow.

High Tensile Wire Fences

If you want longevity in fences and have the financial means for it, you can choose high tensile wires. Its installation cost is much higher than the others, although it can last up to 50 years with the least amount of maintenance. This is probably the most efficient fence, given its high level of durability.

Electric Fences

For a more modern option, there is the electric fence. Whether you’re fencing in or out entities, this can be effective when properly constructed. Electric fences are not entirely dangerous for animals because the level of current used is relatively tolerable. It sends a warning that that area is off-limits to them.

Depending on your rural situation, any of these fencing options can be effective. For a better safety and security, you can also use these types to complement each other. The possibilities are endless.