Retail Marketing: Various Window Displays and Their Advantages

Woman opening the curtains of her window

A shop’s window is primarily the first visual point every customer has of a shop. The display on it usually determines your shop’s sale for the day as it defines the initial step of your customers’ retail experience with you.

All retailers require an efficient and effective window display to drive high traffic into their stores. It is an exclusive method of storage and advertisement which enlightens the customer about your brand.

Window displays are available in various forms, and the type you go for depends on the general layout of your store. That said, here are window display types that you should consider during your next RMS shop fittings project.

Open Window Display

This type has side walls on either side but no back and front walls, hence allowing the details of the interior shop to be seen from outside. For that reason, the interior of your shop must be well organised and attractive all the time. Extra coloured and bright lighting enhances the display, making it more noticeable.

Closed Window Display

This is often used in department stores. It is made with a huge well-defined glass pane in front, and a solid wall at the back and either side. It has a well-concealed door through which you can access the window. This display has the likeness of a room, hence, it is easy to dress up and attract customer’s attention from one side of the shop.

Showcase Window Display

This option is excellent for anyone selling small-sized merchandise such as mobile phones and jewellery. This miniature display option is placed up close at an eye level to allow the customers to scrutinise the items.

With innovative designs and professional strategic planning, window displays can efficiently and effectively create and sustain brand awareness. While at it, combine your effort with engineered lighting for visual understanding for your customers and drive the sales.