Reestablishing Trust in a Relationship


Being in a loving relationship can sometimes be likened to being in a safe, heavenly, love-filled bubble that no one can ever break open. Then one day, through a confession or a shocking discovery, that bubble bursts.

coupleAnd boy, do bubbles like that burst with a bang.

Infidelity issues are a reality, but can be overcome if 1) both partners are honest and think the relationship is worth saving,2) the guilty person does everything it takes to win back the trust that was lost, and 3) the couple is guided by strength and a shared commitment to make things right.

Doubt will linger, no doubt, but there are signs that things can get better, if not stronger.

You Have a More Open Communication

Relationship experts from and similar institutions say trust and communication are essential components of any relationship—especially for those that are healing and rebuilding after fallout. Do you remember a time when you felt that you and your partner were really listening to one another? What about a time when your opinions could not be swayed and no longer listen to what the other is saying?

Always aim for the former; seek help if you have to.

Your Partner’s Words Match Their Actions

Actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to relationships. It can be comforting to hear your partner say sorry, but seeing them make an effort to be consistent in their actions makes it even clearer that they really do want to make things better.

When you notice that your partner is keeping promises and upholding agreements, maybe it’s time to put in some trust.

Your Partner is Honest When It’s Difficult to Be Honest

It’s a big deal when your partner is upfront and honest about a very difficult topic. For instance, if your partner admits their fault, give them credit for being honest. Remember that hiding it would be easy on your partner’s side, but they chose tell you about it instead. Acknowledge that.

Trust can be difficult to rebuild, but it is possible. Stressful relationships lead to a buildup of stress, but it does not have to be that way. A deeper look at things can help clear things up and put you and your partner back on the road to happiness and fulfillment.