Protect Your Home from Heavy Flooding

Flood inside the houseGetting your basement flooded during a storm is one of the worst things that could happen. Stormwater has nowhere else to go as it floods your home. Not only does it flood your basement, but it can also spoil your backyard. To prevent such scenario from happening, you should put an underdrain strategically beneath your house.

How Underdrains Protect Your Home

According to newsletter.csdpool, underdrains give stormwater another spot to go to other than your yard or basement.  Underdrains have little holes which allow stormwater to enter them. These drains run beneath your sewer lines and are connected to storm drains. The experts at Ashton Tucker Water Treatment say that you can wait out the storm in your home without having to worry about flooding in your basement and backyard. Filter underdrains also keep groundwater from flowing into wastewater collection systems. Underdrains are also inexpensive and easy to install.

Cleaning Your Underdrain

To keep your underdrain working efficiently, you must make sure that it is clear.  You can use a header cleaning tool to filter underdrains. This cleaning tool has a pipe with vanes attached to it.  Attached to the end are four nozzles which give a flat spray with uniform distribution. This action cleans the inside of your underdrain and blows through the slots to remove any foreign material stuck in them.  You can also use a cleaning solution compatible with PVC pipes to clean your underdrain further.

Underdrains are a big help for when there’s too much water. Failing to take care of your basement or garden will lessen your home’s value in time, and you can end up with a big clean up job.  Contact a professional and have an underdrain installed in your property.