New Zealand – the Albatross Capital of the World, Getting All the Attention It Deserves

New Zealand Airport

New Zealand AirportTruly, it’s hard not to be caught in awe, watching the all-time blockbuster movie The Lord of the Rings. All the beautiful sceneries and mesmerizing takes on nature is bound to captivate us – making us wonder where Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson have gotten such a surprisingly beautiful sight.

Where else, but in New Zealand! Of course, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy will go down as the most ‘winningest’ with 17 awards in Academy Award history – tying only with Ben-Hur and Titanic. True, you may not see the rather diminutive nation on the map as it remains but a fraction of its giant neighbor Australia.

Yet small as it is, it has come of age. Mini-Tankers explains below.

Small but Powerful

The challenges of New Zealand (NZ) as a young economy is plenty. With its relatively diminutive size of 103,738 square miles would make it barely larger than Oregon. Moreover, ‘The Land of the Long White Clouds’ is located down under, even below gigantic Australia.

And yet the nation has flourished, and has secured a very sustainable economy. Recently, as proof to its strong economy and its rising status among nations, NZ passports are counted as one of the ‘most powerful’ in the world.

Rock Star Economy

You can feel the bustle of growing business when you talk about New Zealand. Already, more Australians are residing in the smaller nation than vice versa. Tech sector is booming with compensation for IT jobs competitive even by Western standards.

One sector that has benefitted from technology is fleet management. The business of on-site fuel delivery is a daunting one. Yet, advances in tech has allowed greater productivity to happen and workers sleeping on their jobs can easily be tracked.

Peter Jackson was right all along, New Zealand is a treasure find.