New to Snowboarding? Four Things to Ponder

Snowboarding in VailIf you are new to snowboarding, then perhaps you’ve got a lot of questions in mind. You are as well excited and scared at the same time, for you never know how your day in the mountains will turn out to be. Relax. Refer to this guide and gear yourself up with the right knowledge for a fun-filled first ever snowboarding adventure.

What to Wear

Expert snowboarders will advise you to wear three layers of clothing. Dressing in separate layers will make it easy to adjust according to the weather conditions. You can just add or remove a layer depending on how cold or hot you feel.

It is important that you wear clothing of synthetic material like polyester. Wearing clothes made of cotton is a big no, or you could end up wet and cold.

The last layer, your jacket, and pants, should be both waterproof and windproof yet breathable. This should allow for good insulation while keeping you dry.

Don’t forget to wear goggles, gloves, and beanie or helmet, because more than just plain accessories they also serve as protection.

Finding the Right Snowboard

Don’t buy, because it is too early to tell whether you will like snowboarding or not. Instead, avail of Vail snowboard rentals. But, American Ski Exchange says before you do so, check the snowboard sizing charts to see which snowboard is best for you. There are snowboards designed for a specific terrain, age, or gender. Some also come with added features. However, you may also follow the general rule, which is to get a snowboard that should stand not lower than your chin and not higher than your nose.

An Introduction to Chairlifts

Lifts are the only way you can reach the top of the mountains. And therefore, you need to learn how to ride a lift.

Because you need one foot free when riding a lift, you should learn how to skate and glide with just one foot buckled onto the snowboard. Head to the loading area and wait for snowboarders before you to load, while also observing how they ride. That’s actually the easiest way you can learn to ride a lift.

Because there’s a tendency that your free foot will slip off from the board, choose a board installed with a stomp pad.

Sliding downhill

Before attempting your first downhill slide, practice on a gentle slope first several times. Make sure you have mastered your balance and body coordination well before going another level up. Practice turns and more importantly, how to stop.

There is also one technique that will allow you to slide down the slope without tumbling over. This is called traversing. The idea here is to put the weight on the back part of the board so that only one side touches the face of the slope. This way, you can slide downhill at a controlled speed.

Every beginner will have to learn some things first before actual practice. Know the dos and don’ts of snowboarding, from what to wear to how to safely slide downhill, for a pleasant first-time experience.