New Innovations: A Peek at What’s Coming to AdWords

mobile-friendly ads

mobile-friendly adsGoogle is on a clear mission to revolutionize its pay-per-click tool AdWords. Just recently, the search giant updated the AdWords blog with details regarding the platform’s next livestream for new updates. This activity started only last year. So far, 2015’s livestream seems to trump previous tweaks and innovations.

So, what’s new with the platform? The folks at summarize it as a collection of upgrades for mobile-friendly ads and better functioning tools. This is because the search giant says there are now more search queries done over mobile than desktop in over 10 countries. Check out the specifics below, as reported in the #StepInsideAdWords stream:

New Ad Verticals

Following the much-discussed Mobilegeddon, AdWords has also set its sights on mobile-friendly ads. This has brought about the creation of three new ad verticals for the platform: automotive, hotel, and mortgages. The last vertical has heavy focus on the expansion of Google Compare.

Automation Advancement

Automation is also a key area of improvement for AdWords this year. Google will revamp the dynamic search ads, as well as the reporting function for automated bids. Both will have interface overhauls that aim to make things more user-friendly.

There will also be a new simulation tool to display the trade-off between the volume of ads and the cost depending on different cost-per-acquisition targets.

Measurement Improvements

Three changes are likely to happen with the measurement function of AdWords. Google plans on helping marketers measure “micromoments” with pay-per-click ads. One example of this is the integration of AdWords attribution with a website’s strategies for bidding. This will also be visible in cross-device conversions. The estimations for store visits is also most likely to see some improvements.

Not all these updates are set in stone just yet. As in previous years, it is still unclear which of the new functions announced will actually see the light of day. As Google says, adjustments on the platform depend on user feedback. Only time will tell if these updates will actually come into fruition, but it’s better to be ready for these possible improvements than be surprised about them later on.