More Than Just an Itch: The Dangers of Food Allergies

Organic meal being prepared properlyHuman beings are naturally intolerant to one, two, or even several types of foods. It happens. The chemicals of a person’s body react to whatever goes into it, whether it be good or bad. Food allergies may be a common phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous.

Reaction after an Action

All bodies are different. Each body has its own set of allergens, and it reacts differently to them. The most common, of course, is the notorious itch. When inflamed patches appear on the skin, people with allergies scratch that part of their bodies. Swelling, hives and abdominal pain are other mild symptoms of allergy that may be a cause for concern.

Some cases can be more dangerous than others. Worrisome signs of allergies include difficulty in breathing, swelling of the tongue or throat, wheezing or persistent dizziness. All these symptoms may all be warning signs of anaphylaxis. It is the worst case of an allergic reaction, and it may be fatal. The best solution to finding out what triggers allergies is to visit a medical professional.

Taking Precautions

Although allergies cannot be prevented without knowing the individual diagnoses of their guests, it’s still the duty of a food business to make their chain as safe as possible. As certain allergens may come from undisclosed ingredients in the menu or irresponsible mishandling of food, restaurants should be transparent about their menus and ensure that their staff is completely aware of the proper recipe ingredients.

As a further precaution, they can have their staff take a food handling certificate course online so they can learn how to handle food safely in all stages: storage, preparation, display, service and disposal.

Never reduce discomfort or troubling sensations to ‘just an itch’. The body is unpredictable when intolerant – it’s best to be aware of the triggers and to stay cautious of what you eat.