Microfiber Cloths: Unsung Heroes That Make a Squeaky Clean Difference

Microfiber clothMicrofiber cloths are an important cleaning and disinfection material in many industries—health care, food, hospitality, automotive, and more. Although they are popular, most people do not know just how exactly these simple materials make a difference in various applications.

To honor the unsung heroes that make a squeaky-clean difference, here are some of the ways microfiber towels offer benefits:

Excellent Cleaning

Microfiber towels are popular for their super cleaning abilities. Its polyester and nylon fiber is a million times smaller than human hair, making it easier to clean nooks and crannies and to remove germs from surfaces. The microfibers can attach themselves to the smallest dirt particles that normal cloth fibers like cotton simply brush away.

Interestingly, moving microfibers across a surface produces a static electric charge that attracts particles and keeps them, instead of spreading them around or dispersing them into the air.

Effective Water Absorption

Using the orange shaping technology, these towels increase the surface of the microfibers, making them more effective in soaking up water spills. The capillary cores also contribute to better water absorption. This doesn’t just allow efficient cleaning, but also quick drying of the material itself.

No Color Contamination

Microfiber towels go through a coloring process that uses innovative technology. This allows for stronger migrating and retarding dyeing ability, ensuring that there will be no contamination associated in fading colors when used.


Microfiber towels have small hooks that attract and keep particles and bacteria from surfaces, without using chemicals and too much water. Avoiding the use of synthetic substances and water is good for the environment—not to mention the fact that it doesn’t pollute the facilities being cleaned.

Further, the microfiber’s polyester component is highly durable and uses a warp knitting technology to make the material even stronger. The longer lifespans minimize waste and turnover. Maximize the green benefits of these cloths and use less energy by washing them in cool water and permanent press.

Microfiber cloths are the unsung heroes of cleaning and disinfection. Use these in your business and see the difference.