Little Ones Exposed to Hard Water are More Prone to Eczema

High-speed image of a droplet falling onto water

Hard water, or water with a high mineral (calcium and magnesium) content, can damage home appliances, like kettles, showers, and washing machines. Over time, hard water creates a film of limescale, a chalky deposit of calcium carbonate that clogs pipes, reduces water flow, and drives up your water bills.

Your home’s pipe system is not the only victim of hard water, however. Studies from the UK, Spain, and Japan have linked hard water to a higher chance of eczema among children. Moreover, a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found a strong association between the disease’s prevalence among babies and water hardness.

The Link between Eczema and Hard Water

Eczema is a skin disease characterized by inflamed, itchy, cracked patches of skin and blisters. It affects about 31.6% of people in the country. Among infants, the disease is manifested through itchy rashes leaking fluid in the scalp and cheeks. Certain foods like nuts and dairy, as well as environmental elements like smoke and pollen, trigger the symptoms, too.

New research also looks into the relationship between hard water and eczema among infants. The authors studied 1,300 three-month-old babies and the calcium carbonate and chlorine levels in the water they use.

They found that babies exposed to hard water had an 87% higher risk for eczema. They also discovered that the chlorine levels have nothing to do with the increased chances for the skin disease. The researchers, however, clarified that the results are not an indication of a cause-and-effect relationship.

Softening Home Water

Although it’s still unclear whether hard water directly causes eczema, it’s still in your little one’s best interest to address the hard water problem of your home.

To solve it once and for all, call a trusted water treatment company in Fort Wayne to install a water treatment system. It reduces the hardness of the water, preventing limestone build-up and helping keep your child from developing eczema or other skin diseases. You also prolong the life of your plumbing system and appliances. Meanwhile, you can remove the limestone buildup by scrubbing it with vinegar.

Hard water can harm both your house and your kids. By addressing the issue, you preserve your property and, more importantly, guard your children’s health.