Let Your Money Work for You: Why You Should Apply for a TIC Property Exchange

agent explains the benefits of the property to tenants

If you’re looking for an incredible way to free up your time and get more from life, you’re better off buying a TIC property. This type of property lets you harness the power of the real estate market without being actively involved.

Section 1031 of the Tax Code enables single owners of small commercial properties to trade up their holdings. As part of the compliance process, you need to sell your commercial holdings and use all of the proceeds from the sale to buy a stake in a larger property. If you need some help, you can collaborate with TIC property exchange companies like 1031 Exchange Place.

Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio

Experts recommend that investors carry a diversified portfolio, as it enables them to spread the risk. A TIC property exchange allows you to follow this advice and safeguard your investment. You can have your pick from properties in different investment sectors, like education and medicine.

You can spread your holdings over several properties located anywhere in the United States. Since you will have no active management role, you can spread your investments across the country without a worry in the world.

Enjoy Lucrative Markets

The real estate market is quite dynamic, and you might not have the ability to keep up with changing consumer preferences. As a property owner, you might be caught up in the wrong end of these changes, and it could cause you to bleed money. Taking part in a TIC property exchange gives you a way out while letting you pursue the lucrative market.

Better yet, you get to hang on to all your capital gains, which increases your buying power. You can spread your holdings over several hot markets, which lets you grow your wealth quickly.

Taking part in a TIC property exchange is an incredible way to get your money to work for you. Also, it lets you put all your capital gains to work instead of ceding a portion to the taxman.