Laser Cutting 101: 4 Details You Should Pay Attention To

laser cutting processLaser cutting technology is beneficial in creating beautiful designs on multiple materials to realize two- or three-dimensional near-real-life objects. Laser cutting processes, notes AP Lazer, use laser carving machines to cut through different materials of varying thickness. Paying attention to specific details is necessary for the best results.


With laser cutting technology, you can realize even big projects. However, that will require you get the dimensions, both the maximum and minimum, correctly before you start with your process. The material you use will also dictate your project’s size.


The spacing between consecutive paths that the laser beam will follow should be nearly equivalent to the laser material’s thickness to ensure the product remains firm. Also, maintaining the correct spacing guarantees you a consistent product, which will enhance the breakage resistant of your piece.

Text Preparation

The proper preparation of your writing before going into laser cutting processes is essential in ensuring your text is readable after the process. Use the letters of an appropriate size without any overlapping and treat the text like shapes to enable correct vectorization. You can also use a stencil to create the right shape and size of your text.

Material Choice

Different materials come in various thickness, color, and design. Also, are you looking to get a solid or translucent material? Consider the properties of your material to determine whether it will meet the goals and expectations of your laser project before making a final choice on your order of laser materials and equipment.

The multiple applications of laser cutting technology cut across different industries. Proper utilization of this technology while following the minimum requirements and conducting technical due diligence will ensure the laser carving machine and processes help you to realize your application goals.