Keeping It Cool: The Different Types of Ice Makers

The Different Types of Ice Makers and Their Uses

The Different Types of Ice Makers and Their UsesMany industries rely on the quick, efficient, and time saving benefits of ice makers. In fact, many establishments will be unable to operate properly without an ice maker machine.

Restaurants, bars, clubs, catering services, and hotels, as well as hospitals and commercial facilities that offer food and beverages, can benefit from owning these machines. Ice makers are also available for residential use, and these offer the same benefits albeit in a smaller-scale form.

Configuration Options

Ice makers come in different designs and types. and ice maker machine providers share the following general configuration options:

  • Ice Machine Heads (Modular Type). These are designed to be placed above a soda/beverage dispenser, an ice dispensing machine or a simple ice bin machine. Some modular ice makers can produce 250 pounds of ice per day, while some can provide up to 1000 pounds of ice per day.
  • Countertop Ice Makers. These are compact models usually found in hospitals and other health care facilities. Countertop dispensers produce ice nuggets, which are faster to chew than ice cubes. Some units also come with water dispensers.
  • Under-the-Counter Ice Machines. These ice makers are ideal for cafes, bars and food establishments that do not require thousands of pounds of ice. These are self-contained units that can produce up to 300 pounds daily.

Types of Ice Produced by these Machines

The type of ice machine that you plan to buy should depend on how you are going to use the ice. For instance, a nugget ice maker is ideal for hospitals, as the ice it produces are softer than cubes.

Ice cube makers are the most common; these are ideal for the use of food establishments. Cubes take a long time to melt, which helps minimise consumption.

By establishing your specific needs and applications, it will be easier for you to determine which type of ice maker is right for your business.