Installing Black Metal Fencing for Protection

metal fence in front of bush

Metal fences are elegant solutions in providing protection and privacy. Usually, the only considerations for buying a fence are the design and cost. Other factors like durability and materials are secondary. Metal fencing expert recommends the use of black metal fencing for most residential applications. This type of fencing has different designs and sizes. Black is the color of choice, but there are other colors available.

Steel, Wrought Iron, or Aluminum

Metal fence panels usually come in steel, wrought iron, and aluminum. Traditional fences were made of wrought iron or hand-shaped ironwork. These were most popular during the Victorian Era when steel foundries started mass-producing fences, pickets, and posts with unique scroll details. Today’s fences have standard designs that emulate old designs. However, the materials used are much cheaper to manufacture and include steel and aluminum. Wrought iron fences are still handmade and are expensive to build and install. Also, the pickets themselves are made of hollow steel or aluminum, which is lighter. However, they are stronger than traditionally wrought iron fence pickets. Tubular steel is ideal for eight-foot long panels that require fewer posts. Solid steel fences are also available. These are stronger than tubular steel. Tubular aluminum is resistant to rust. It is also only about one-fourth the weight of steel.

Installing Fences

The posts have to be set in concrete before setting up the fences. Allow several days for the concrete to set. Otherwise, the posts might not be able to support the fence. Aluminum panels can be bought as a kit and assembled as a do-it-yourself project due to their weight. Professional assistance is needed when installing steel fences because it may require some heavy machinery. With sloping grounds, it may also be better to have professionals install the aluminum fencing.
There are only a few materials for metal fencing. Wrought iron is seldom used. Installing the fences may require professional assistance due to the weight of the fence panels.