The Influence of Family Time on Your Happiness

family in the park

family in the parkThe advancement of technology has been beneficial to humankind. People’s lives today are so convenient, all thanks to wireless connections and powerful mobile devices. This kind of digital connection promotes independence and individuality, more than anything else. It takes little effort to create alone time, discover one’s true predilection and build an identity unique to others’.

As helpful as technology is, though, it often results in less time with other people, the kind of time that’s personal, face-to-face. You might even wake up one day and realise how much your family time has shrunk. You stop attending family gatherings and forget birthdays and anniversaries. If you do remember, you try to make up for your absence by posting a message to them on social media.

Balanced Alone and Family Time

Alone time is important, as solitude helps refresh one’s mind. It also has an effect on developing intimacy and creativity. It is fuel for life. But, family time should not be shunned just for the sake of more isolation. Social time is particularly important to happiness, even for introverts. For persons living away from their family, know that spending time with families is one of the best ways of creating cheerful memories.

It is more critical for married couples with children. Making a bond with their kids is easy, but maintaining it becomes harder as time passes by. Kids grow up, and during their adolescent phase, they tend to spend more time with friends. Parents should allot more one-on-one time with their children, as these are the moments they will cherish. Even when they become teenagers, this closeness will help them keep the connection.

Maximising Family Time

Spending quality time with your family does not require money. Those little talks and laughs at the dinner table are more effective ways of bonding. There are also attractions here in Singapore where families can be together and have fun. Spending time with your family at home is good, but bringing them to vacations or day trips really helps in getting to know them on a deeper level.

Happiness is easy. Everyone just has to realize that it takes effort to achieve it.