Important Things You Shouldn’t Forget before Starting a Fencing Project

Home Fencing

Home FencingAre you thinking of installing a fence around your home? Below are some tips to get you started:

Do your Research

Don’t forget to inquire with the municipal building code officials and neighbourhood associations regarding rules about the height, material and look of fences. Some neighbourhood require a building permit for fence projects, so make sure to ask this.

Choose the Right Materials

As Western Australia is known for its harsh climate, and other Perth aluminium screen providers advise homeowners to choose extremely durable materials that are highly resistant to weathering and corrosion. Many homeowners, however, prefer a classic white picket fence. Unfortunately, wood fences are prone to staining and can rot over time. So, instead of the standard wood, why not go for a low-maintenance material that gives the look of wood without the trouble of cleaning like vinyl. You may also try steel, aluminium and bamboo.

Mix Different Types of Fences

If your budget is tight, you may just mix different kinds of fences to save installation costs. This can also lessen the amount of fence that may need repainting.

Hire Professionals

Find a local fence contractor to help you with the installation process. Make sure to check their portfolio to generate ideas for your fence project.

Let Your Neighbour Know about Your Fencing Project

Make sure to talk to your neighbour about your fencing plans. Be considerate by not blocking their views unnecessarily.

Make Entrances

Create two paths in a fenced area to ensure safety and convenience. The paths should be big enough to accommodate bulky tools like large garbage cans, lawn mower, and so on. You can also add pergolas and stepping stones to determine the locations of gates easily.


Once your fence is installed, make sure to dress it up with finials or decorative posts. You may also want to plant a row of flowers in front of your newly built fence or paint it depending on your home’s design.

Installing a fence around your home could be for utilitarian, decorative or security purposes. Whatever your reason is, adding a fence around your property is definitely a good investment.