How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

Social Media button on a keyboard with speech bubbles

Social media is essential for any business, but it will only yield results if you use it the right way. There are many roles that social media plays in online marketing. You can use it to create social proof, build brand awareness, and boost local engagement. Here are some ways you can increase your site’s traffic using the various social media platforms:

Share Your Website Posts

If you’re looking forward to successful inbound marketing for your MA business, you have to understand that content is critical in attracting potential clients. Once you publish a new post on your site, always share it on social media platforms. Sharing increases views, boosts search engine optimization, and encourages engagement.

Visual content is especially appealing, and more people are likely to click on and share it. You might also want to focus on evergreen content, which your readers will find relevant no matter when they see it. Also, find out when your audience is most active and boost your posts during that time.

Show Your Website Address in Your Profile

Social media channels have a spot for “About Us,” with a provision to share your website. Adding it and ensuring that it’s visible gives the company profile legitimacy and thus makes it credible. It also directs and encourages your audience to visit your website, where they can find out more information about the products or services you offer.

Answer Questions

Another way to increase traffic from social media to your site is by answering questions asked on the platforms. Instead of providing all the available information, be creative, give just enough of it, and offer a prompt for them to visit the website for more details.

For platforms with a call-to-action option, you can also use the opportunity to drive traffic to your site. Encourage people to visit, sign up, or get more details. Giving them a link to the site where they can learn about whatever they are interested in will encourage them to follow it and discover more about your business.