How to Choose the Perfect Hard Floor Chair Mat

Woman buying the hard floor chair mats

Some people may wonder, Why do I need a chair mat for my hard floor? Contrary to what you might think, chair mats are useful in protecting your floor from the wear and tear of office chairs. They also reduce the chances of stress on your knees, hips, and back.

Now that you know why chair mats are important, how do you know which mat is the right one for your floor? Here is a quick guide to buying a hard floor chair mat for your office.


Mat specialist Mattek stresses that the size of the chair mat depends on the area you actually roll your chair in. How far is your file cabinet from your desk? How are your furniture pieces placed in your office?

A chair mat’s design is to carry only you and your chair, so make sure that that size of your mat does not include the space where your furniture is.


How you arrange your furniture will determine the shape of your chair mat. Do you have an L-shaped office or a corner workstation? Or maybe you have a simple desk and cabinet set-up? Determine the layout of your work area before choosing a chair mat shape.


Mat materials range from polycarbonate to bamboo. What you choose depends on the quality, durability, and transparency you want. Polycarbonate and polypropylene chair mats are highly durable and resistant to impact and have high transparency.

On the other hand, polyethylene terephthalate or PET is environmental-friendly and made from recycled materials. Bamboo mats are popular for their resistance to tension.


If you do not want a simple translucent hard floor chair mat, you can always check ones that come with a design or colour. Some suppliers accept custom detailing for chair mats to suit your needs.

Keep this guide handy when buying a chair mat for your office or home. Or, you can always ask a professional chair mat supplier for some advice.