Holidays are More Fun in Perth: The Best Places to Visit in the City

beach resort in Perth

beach resort in PerthPerth, Australia gives you a package of blissful experience for every visit. As tourists say, this place does not fall short when it comes to unique destinations. The city’s gardens, zoos and historical places will make your holidays more fun and memorable.

After booking your accommodation in Perth, start planning your itinerary. With the many wonders in the city, you have to figure out which to explore first.

Here is a list of places that will leave you in awe during your holiday:

King’s Park and Botanical Garden

King’s Park and Botanical Garden is the home of over 3,000 flowers, offering a fabulous view of its well-maintained landscape. A significant portion of the park consists of a bushland with a rich biodiversity.

With its winding paths and relaxing ambience, this park has become a popular spot for walking and picnics. The park offers a wondrous sight of the surrounding skyscrapers, combining the beauty of nature and the modern cityscape.

Swan River

Near the King’s Park is a lovely river that serves as another defining feature of Perth. As the name implies, you will find swans floating along the river. The sight of these winged creatures is like a picture out of a storybook.

Picnics along the riverbank make the place popular among locals and tourists. If you are looking for recreational activities, cycling and walking are your options. For thrill seekers, parasailing or sailboarding are the best activities to experience in Swan River.

Perth Mint

Established many years ago, the Perth Mint has become a significant landmark to Australians. It serves as one of the country’s manufacturers of precious metal coins. It is also famous for creating the largest, heaviest and most valuable gold coin in the world.

St. George Cathedral

Located at the central part of the city, this cathedral offers moments of serenity amidst the bustling metropolitan. St. George Cathedral features early Perth architecture, admirable stained glass windows and stunning altars. This is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a day of tranquillity.

Perth has many more to offer for your holidays. The city’s sights make it a true haven for any traveller.