Handling Your Adopted Child’s Big Question

Handling your adopted child

Handling your adopted childYou have one happy family. Everything is nearly perfect, but you may fear something that will threaten the beauty of the bond you have now. There are times when questions like “How am I supposed to tell my child?” plague your weary mind.

The site HearttoHeartAdopt.com noted, “Adoption is a lifelong decision for everyone, the birth family, the child, and the adoptive family.” The process should never be kept from the child. They encourage families to be open and honest. This, however, is always easier said than done. More often than not, fear overwhelms you and keeps you from telling the truth. Below are some tips that will help you out with it.

The Right Time

Parents should incorporate the concept of adoption into the child’s mind as early as possible. Even if the child is only a year old, you can start to use the word “adoption”. The child will surely find it difficult to understand the concept at first, but eventually, they may associate it with positive feelings. Continue the process as the child matures.

Be Natural

Pre-school children are likely to ask questions that will catch you off guard, such as “Where did come from?” If you want to reveal the truth at this phase, don’t be emotional and subtle. Instead, be straightforward. Children at this phase ask direct questions. Just tell your child some details of how they came into the family.

Use the Right Words

Associate strong yet positive words whenever you explain your kid’s adoption. Doing this will help your kid appreciate that being adopted is not a bad thing. Love, happy, and joyful should be your keywords here.

As mentioned, you can’t hide the truth from your adopted child; it’s their right to know it. If you find the task difficult or you think that you’re too late in the process, seek the help of a professional counsellor.