Grab A Slice Of The Thriving Organic Foods Market

Organic Produce

With the right technology and farming equipment such as agricultural ladders, you can cash in on the growing popularity of healthy foods in the world. Organic foods are emerging from the shadows to assume their place alongside conventional foods on the supermarket shelf. As the world population becomes more conscious about their health, they are paying more attention to what they put on their plates.

Organic foods are considered a top choice by many health enthusiasts keen to escape the harmful effects of pesticides and chemicals. Improved farming practices have led to an increase in production, make the foods available in all outlets, from grocery stores to supermarkets

A growing consumer base

The Australian organic foods market is poised to hit the AU$2.4 billion by the year 2022, registering a growth of 88 per cent from 2012. A recent study indicates that two in every three Australian families put organic food on their plates, with millennials and young families buying the most organic groceries.

On average Australians spend about A$26 on organic foods per year per person, ranking them 16th largest buyers on organic foods. Traditionally, fruits and vegetables were the most common items, but that list has expanded lately. Now shoppers are gravitating towards organic eggs, poultry, red meat, and dairy products.

A multibillion-dollar sector

As of 2017, the global organic foods and beverage market’s revenue stood at $124 billion and is projected to top the $320 billion mark by 2024. Despite the increase in production, these foods are a tad pricier than the conventional foods. However, the allure of consumer nutritious, chemical-free foods drives customers to pay the extra 20 per cent on the asking price gladly.

Recent studies indicated that healthy organic foods might be instrumental in lowering the risk of suffering from diseases such as cancer. In the face of rising health care costs, people are only too happy to pay a little more for healthy foods.

The organic foods market is on an upward trajectory with all indicators pointing to a brighter future. With the right tool and equipment, you can get a slice of this multi-billion-dollar sector.