Give New Life to Old Surfaces with Decorative Concrete Coating Products


ConcreteOnce you notice that your driveway or patio is starting to age, talk to your local handyman about resurfacing options. In the past, since there was no other way to resurrect them, cracked and old concrete walkways and surfaces were dealt with using a jackhammer. A complete overhaul was necessary, which was quite expensive. Now, cracked and weather worn surfaces can be transformed using high-performance, polymer-based peel resistant decorative concrete coatings. The result is a surface of rich depth and colour highly protected from harsh weather and daily wear.

Easy to Apply

Resurfacers are polymer-based products especially formulated for concrete floors, porches, sidewalks, walls, pool decks, and stairs. It is easy to apply. The work can be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time while using either a push broom, a steel trowel, or squeegee. It is important to remember that the formula requires the addition of water prior to application, the amount of which is specified by the manufacturer. The “dressing” must be applied to the surface within half an hour of adding the water. A sealer is usually applied to facilitate curing. These products are suitable for use on both interior and exterior surfaces.

For Optimum Results

If you are planning to apply decorative concrete solutions by yourself, pay attention to instructions on the label. Professionals would only apply the polymer-based mixture on a hardened surface. The temperature of the concrete surface must be 50°F at the least. You must also choose the right set of environmental conditions. Ambient temperature must be within the following range: 70° – 75°F. The humidity level in the air should not be too low. Lastly, choose a warm, sunny, dry day to apply the resurfacer product.

When you feel the need to restore the look of your driveway, patio, or any concrete surface, you might want to consider the option that is popular among many Australian homeowners today. Instead of a costly and labour-intensive renovation, choose a decorative concrete coating. The surface will be ready for use 24 hours after application.