Get Your Farm its Own Water Supply

Water Supply Farms need huge amounts of water for many reasons. The family who owns and works the farm need water to live every day. At the same time, crops or farm animals need water for sustenance and growth. When you need water to run your farm, you can approach a boredriller to dig a water bore for your farm. In this way, you can have your own supply of water.


Freshwater Underground

Water bores tap into groundwater, the type of water that takes up as much as 80 percent of New Zealand’s freshwater resources. Groundwater comes from rain fallen on the land surface. Some of the fallen rain seep into the ground and form reservoir rivers of water called “aquifers”. This groundwater is what you can use for your farm, yet groundwater can be contaminated.



Because groundwater spends its time underground, water composition can change. Particles and microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses can enter groundwater. Chemicals and minerals can also be dissolved into the water. The particles and microorganisms can be filtered out, while removal of chemicals and minerals in groundwater is more complex.


Ensure Safety

When drilling a bore or water well, with the help of a welldriller like Carlyle Drilling, you can check if the water supply is safe to use for your farm. To ensure safety, your water supply must be constructed properly and far away from sources of contamination. You can check near the water source of your bore for any risks to your water supply.


Prevent Contamination

You can do several things to protect your bore or well. You can seal the bore with concrete to protect the water supply from contamination. You can keep animals, compost, fertiliser, pesticides, trash, and other possible contamination sources away from the wellhead. You can ask a welldriller to secure the bore or well and ask for any other tips to protect your water supply.