Get Rid of Termites by Knowing the First Signs of Infestation

Termites on a bookTermites are notorious wood-destroying insects that go after any property in the U.S. These pests may be small, but they can cause serious damages to wooden furniture and structures at home. Homeowners even spend around $2 billion a year to deal with them and their fellow wood-destroying insects. Repair costs are another story.

In Indiana, termite service companies offer pest solutions to get rid of such nuisance. Treatment and repairs are costly if there are lots of pests and damages to manage. To spare yourself from costly treatment and repairs, one of the things you can do is look for the early signs of infestation. Here are some signs you have to watch out for:

Termite Droppings

Termites leave behind droppings (or fecal pellets) that resemble sawdust. If you see these, look around for possible damages in wooden furniture and structures nearby.

Holes in Wood

Termites bore tiny holes in wooden structural parts, such as floorboards and drywall. If you have wallpaper or painted walls, checking the walls for holes may be challenging. The same thing goes with carpeted floors. The trick is to tap on the walls and listen if there are hollow sounds. These sounds indicate that there are damages inside the wood. For carpeted floors, you have to look for sunken parts. Holes in bare walls, floors, and furniture are easier to spot.

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are a passageway and these are commonly on interior and exterior walls near the soil. Some are even on or near the ceiling. Termites like damp wood, so if you have a damaged roof or gutter, you might find their mud tubes near such places. If you look closely, some mud tubes look moist. This is a sign that worker termites are still active. When you scrape the tubes, you might be able to find such pests.

Dried mud tubes, however, doesn’t mean that the insects have already abandoned your home. These indicate that the termites might have created new passageways. If that’s the case, check the areas nearby for other mud tubes.

There are other signs of termite infestation, such as wings from flying termites. However, termite droppings, mud tubes and holes in wood are common among the different kinds. Once you spot one or more of these signs, consult a pest control company for inspection and the corresponding treatment.