For Unlimited Fun, Round Trampoline Fits the Bill to a T

Trampoline Health BenefitsAs you may know by now, you don’t need an instructor to enjoy a trampoline. And yet the benefits of the exercise are so immense, installing one could be the best decision you could make to stay fit.

Not all trampolines are created equal, however. When you’re an athlete and is wanting to get the most out of your jumping routine then rectangle trampoline is for you. However, if you’re just starting it out or just want to have fun with the kids, then having a round one is spot on.

Benefits of Jumping Around

For the uninitiated, it would seem trampolining is just child’s play. With seemingly no structure to it, all the jumping appears leaning more on entertainment than getting a serious dose of exercise. But appearances are deceiving – especially so with trampolining.

A 2011 Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology study detail elderly individuals who utilized mini trampolines for 14 weeks on end were less likely to experience a forward fall as their balance improved dramatically. Further, a 2013 Research in Developmental Disabilities show that young children with mental disabilities who took to a mini trampoline regularly in a 12-week exercise period improved their motor skills drastically.

Add the fact that it’s a lower-impact cardiovascular exercise compared to jogging and you have an easy way to get people of all ages to get fit.

Round for Greater Fun

Choosing a trampoline isn’t as easy as it looks, however – most true for first-timers. Know that when you’re starting out and would like to engage the kids, a round trampoline should be your first choice.

Round trampolines are ideal for recreation. This is because of the reduced spring size and their inherent circular design. Young kids who would like to jump their way to fun would have less risk of an injury than in a rectangular one.

Usually coming bigger at 6 feet by 12 feet, rectangular trampolines give greater choices for landing. Put in their bigger spring size and it’s obvious why more professional athletes choose them.

Definitely, a round trampoline is a great tool to get exercise and fun started in your family.