Famous Asian Festivals

Festivals across AsiaThe Asian continent is comprised of almost fifty countries. This large number of nations gives rise to the cultural diversity of Asia. Though located in a single continent there are vast numbers of races, religions and cultures that reside in the world’s biggest landmass. With these wide arrays of cultures and beliefs, festivals and feasts are rampant and incessant in this part of the world.

Some of the most well-known Asian festivals are the Chinese New Year and the Chinese Moon Festival in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore and the Holi or Festival of Color in India. These festivals are widely celebrated not just in their country of origin but in some other parts of the world.

Famous Festivals

The Chinese New Year and the Chinese Moon Festival are the most widespread Asian holidays due to the fact that the Chinese population has spread out not just in Asia but in all other parts of the world. These festivals are celebrated even in small towns and cities where there is a large Chinese population. The Chinese New Year, now considered a global holiday, is a celebration in thanksgiving for abundant blessings received throughout the lunar year.

On the other hand, the Chinese Moon festival or the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day is also celebrated not only in Asia but in parts of the world with large Chinese communities. It is celebrated by family members and loved ones by exchanging moon cakes to show love and affection for each other.

Finally, the Holi festival is a festival of thanksgiving and one that welcomes the spring season. It is celebrated in India and by the Hindus by the making holi, or colored powder. Chameleon Colors explains that this colored powder is then thrown or smeared upon one another as a sign of celebration.

These festivities have gone global as an effect of globalization and immigration of Asian people into other parts of the world. The diverse cultures in Asia have a lot to offer the global scene as far as festivities are concerned.