Effects of Daycare on Different Aspects of Your Child’s Growth

Class in a daycare center

More than 80% of parents in today’s world work outside the home. Though they are the best caregivers for their children, parents’ work commitments make it impossible to care for their children during the workday. This calls for childcare alternatives.

Babysitters, daycare centers, and nannies are among the available childcare options. Based on research by child development experts in Rutherford, NJ, daycare is often the best alternative for 3- to 5-year-olds because of its impact on their development.

Here are a few of the developmental areas shaped by daycare centers.

Social Development

Daycare centers positively affect your child’s cooperation, responsibility, assertion and self-control skills. This is because your child interacts with other kids and adults from an early age and hence gains a foundation of forming long-lasting quality relationships.

Studies show that compared with kids who grew up with in-home care, children enrolled in daycare centers actually have more constructive relationships with their parents.

Language and Cognitive Development

Kids in daycare have shown to have a broad vocabulary and high cognitive functioning. Your kids’ sharp memory for numbers and sentences is evidence of a superior cognitive function. Language and cognitive development set the foundation for high academic achievement throughout their school years.

Emotional Development

Daycare centers with qualified caregivers make children feel safe, plus they have the ability to interact with their peers freely. This boosts your child’s self-esteem and reduces separation anxiety once it is time to join preschool or kindergarten.

The effects of child care on your child’s development depend on various factors. The essential elements include the total time your child spends in care and the quality of care. You should choose a center that goes beyond babysitting and incorporates daily activities designed to improve your child’s development.