Eating Out: A Food Lover’s Guide to Oslo’s Best Cultural Restaurants

A Restaurant in Oslo

A Restaurant in OsloOslo is undeniably one of the most amazing places in the world. It is perfect for weekend getaways, so try exploring the city alone or going on a trip with your friends. Though it is still an undiscovered tourist spot, many people believe it is Scandinavia’s next great capital city. No wonder statistics reveal that more than 3 million foreign tourists spend their time in Oslo every year.

Apart from the beautiful museums, great waterfalls and old architecture, another reason many people visit the city is its choice of culinary delights. Read on to know some of the best cultural restaurants you must try in your 48 hours in Oslo.


This Michelin-starred restaurant offers 20 different dishes depending on the season. Maaemo takes pride in providing highly seasonal yet modern meals that capture the heart of many. During summer, for instance, the restaurant’s menu includes grilled scallop with smoked butter or wild reindeer with pickles and vinegar. You should visit Maeemo if you want to try a different kind of fine dining restaurant.


Want to experience eating good food in a barn-like environment? Kolonihagen is the right place to go. It serves scrumptious meals made from natural and locally sourced ingredients. Though located in a backyard, Kolonihagen provides a wonderful outdoor dining experience.

For lunch, the restaurant offers a three-course Norwegian-French-influenced menu. They provide specialties such as hams and cheeses served with bread, which is popular with locals as well as tourists. For the evening menu, Kolonihagen serves a seven-course meal.


There’s something special about Solsiden that makes people eager to come back. The interesting thing about this seafood restaurant is that it only opens for half of the year – from May until September only. You can sit there for hours observing people, savouring each meal and watching the stunning views. Solsiden is a must-see place to visit, especially if you want to explore some unusual destination.

These are the amazing restaurants to try in Oslo for food lovers like you. Experience pure Norwegian flavours, ingredients and food traditions at its best.